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The White Kites from Poland are back 6 years after their first album, Missing, which was released in 2014! The band consists of Sean Palmer-vocals, Przemek Piłaciński-guitars, Jakub Lenarczyk-keyboards, Paweł Betley-flute, Marysia Białota-rhodes piano, bass and Jakub Tolak-drums, while there are several guests. Their music is a mixture of British rock of the 60s and 70s, folk, art-rock, while they also add polite doses of psychedelic, blues, baroque, jazz, elements. The sound is great, the compositions are quite high level, the Spinning Lizzie that opens the album is surprisingly lively, in Not a Brownie the band goes from prog to jazz orchestrations, in Devillusion, which lasts just 50 seconds the music is extremely jazz/baroque 40s-50s style, the tracks Blurred, Mother Mars and Fallen Star are perhaps the closest to psychedelia, but the song I fell in love with is the marvelous Mysteries in the Sky with the crystal clear voice of Ola Bilińska. Of course, another element that gives White Kites a distinct entity is the ideal voice for this genre, the voice of Sean Palmer.                                                                                                                       This is a great progressive album, ideal for fans of this kind of music as it evolved in the late 60s and from early to mid 70s.


Devillusion | The White Kites




 This is the sixth album by Electric Family's three years after Terra Circus. Electric Family released their first album in 1997. Many years have passed since then and now the band is releasing their new album entitled Echoes Don’t Lie. Here the band of Tom "The Perc" Redecker, Rolf Kirschbaum, Harry Payuta, is completed by several guest musicians such as Roman Bunka (embryo), Marlon Kleim, Milla Kapolke, Rolf Muller and many more. All these years the Electric Family records songs of progressive rock, folk, pop kraut, all of them filtered in a psychedelic pot from where the smells of other decades emerge. The song that opens the album, the sacred land contains rather mellotron and is very good, as is the cover of Neil Young's I’ve been waiting for you. But the songs that shook me the most are another giant leap and strange things.                                                                                                                 Electric Family's new album is also the most rock they have done so far, while Redecker's voice remains consistently charming!!


The Electric Family - Echoes Don't Lie (2020, CD) | Discogs


EDEN ROSE On the way to Eden


Guerssen's reissue of this album of French Eden Rose. It was first released in 1970, and Guerssen reissued it again back in 2016. It is an instrumental album based on the organ of Henri Garela and the guitarist Pierre Alacen. Eight fantastic tracks where the organ dominates elsewhere, the guitar elsewhere while the bass and drums accompany the improvisation with a very special way. Their sound can be characterized as early progressive, it is groovy, little psychedelic, and tracks like Walking In The Sea, Reinyet Number, Faster And Faster, Traveling, you have the feeling that opening your mind on fire for a long time!! In summary, however, I cannot fail to mention that listening to this French masterpiece comes to my mind the track Ellis Island by Brian Auger Julie Driscoll & The Trinity from Streetnoise, an album that I imagine influenced Henri Garela in both playing and sound of On the way to Eden overall.


EDEN ROSE : On The Way To Eden - LP - GUERSSEN RECORDS - Forced Exposure





Rubber Tea is a German band and Infusion is their debut album. They consist of Lennart Hinz (keybords, vocals), Vanessa Gross (vocals, sax, flute), David Erzmann (bass), Jonas Roustai (guitar), Henri Pink (drums) and with the help of some guests recorded these 8 songs. Their music is a whirlwind of progressive, art rock and psychedelic rock, as it was played in early to the mid-70s. In these 8 songs what impresses is the very expressive and warm voice of Vanessa Gross. Especially in the amazing in weeping waters where the rhythm hypnotizes our souls, her voice takes us off over mushroom seas!! Also, another balm song for our mental health is the excellent The drought, with the very nice and suitable male and female vocals. In general, Rubber Tea recorded a very good album with songs where they bring out a fairytale mood, a dreamy dive into infinity. The many fans of the genre will bow to the talent of the band.

 Infusion | Rubber Tea