Mega Dodo

Green Seagull is back!! Their second album, after the Scarlet Fever, will be released in July. The band is led by Paul Nelson (New Electric Ride) and Paul Milne (Hidden Masters/Magnetic Mind) and recording silky songs that gently flow into our souls and calm our minds. Wonderful musical melodies, incredible vocal harmonies. The Green Seagull draws their influences from the magical psychedelic/pop/baroque sixties groups and presents us with a whole… meadow of colorful musical flowers. The energy and power of the songs is unbeatable, I've listened to the album dozens of times but every time I discover something new.

12 amazing songs, I can hardly say that I singled out aerosol, made to be love, live in lover (with the magic rhythm-the best one), this wheel, paper cut, belladonna

Green Seagulls are gifted. It looks like they fell into the magic potion and drank the filter that all 60 bands insisted on when they wrote all those diamond songs.

The album will be released on lp, cd, digital.