WICKED LADY A Wicked Selection by Martin Weaver


Martin Weaver, the Wicked Lady leader, selects 4 songs, two from Axeman Cometh (1969-’72) and two from Psychotic Overkill (1972), their only albums, and Guerssen releases them in 500 copies. This English band, Axeman Cometh, led by guitarist and singer Martin Weaver, who along with drummer Dick Smith and bassist Bob Jeffries, played hard rock and early metal, added some psychedelic elements, especially to the sound of the guitar. They had influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath etc, but also by the sound of Detroit. Weaver's demonized guitar caught fire in every song, leading them to hellish paths. Full of wah wah in guitar, these 4 songs wake us and give us a reason to shake our body and our heads with intensity.  I’m totally stuck with I’m A Freak. What a great track!                                                                                                                     Hard/early metal sound, long songs and definitely an album which is addressed to the fans of this sound and not only!!                                                                          Recommended. 

 Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για WICKED LADY  A Wicked Selection by Martin Weaver