Dusky Dive Flanger Studio Session

Addicted label

At the Flanger Studio Session the Dusky Dive recorded 6 live songs. 6 songs flooded with heavy/rock sounds created by guitar- Sergey Plishka, drums - Grigory Perelman, bass & vocals Aleksey Stanchinskiy as well as one demonized baritone saxophone- Ivan Izmalkin. Definitely the result is interesting, it has stoner expansion, progressive smells, some psychedelic touches, jazz beats, (maybe they had got in their minds The Ex), desert rock moods that float like the smoke coming out of the lamp. Hot, very loud and cool.



GREY MOUSE A Moment of Weakness

 Addicted Label

Grey Mouse comes from Moscow. It's a band that released their first album entitled No Masks, in 2005. Their music is a great mix of psychedelic, experimental, stoner rock, sitar-psych, blues rock, progressive etc.  They make sure to dress their music beautifully with other instruments such as the sitar, leading them to more mystical musical peculiarities. Grey Mouse likes the changes as the only band members who are consistent on each of their albums are Alex Chunikhin (bass guitar) and Kirill Chunikhin (drums). In this new release, they are accompanied by Mikhail Kudrey - vocals, Uliana Volkova - cello and Denis Bayukansky - drums (Better than Me, On The Run, Suicide Song). On In A Moment of Weakness what stands out directly is the amazingly expressive, hypnotic, wonderful voice of Kudrey, which fits perfectly with the songs of the album and flows dreamily in each of them. Apart from the voice, however, there is also a cello which coats the songs with a very thin layer of gothic mood. Really, listening to the songs of A Moment of Weakness one by one, I came across an album which is not far from being characterized as one of the top albums of the modern era. The playing of all the instruments stands at high levels, the orchestrations are impeccable, the 8 songs are hypnotic and without being purely psychedelic they sound like they are the most psychedelic songs you have ever heard from a new band!! Special mention should be made of the extremely  dark road, the  on the run  which looks like the most psychedelic song that Sabbath failed to record, as well as the  suicide song , one fantastic  pure blues/americana/dark song, with guitar and  cello  as the only accompaniment to Kudrey's recitation. Just magical!!                Τhe inner psychedelic flame of the band is inconceivable!!! Recommended!




LeBackstore, Songs Of Phaedra

Technicolor Blood is a band from Montreal and this vinyl is their third in a row since they have been preceded by two singles. The band consists of L. Boredom, Carl Bedard, Martin Dupras and Spacy Steph. So what do we have here? Space rock influenced mainly by the Hawkwind of 70s, but with new sound, fresh ideas and explosive compositions. Loud, derailed guitars, discreet synths, full bass and measured drums. Of course, the vocals are the vehicle that drives our Canadian friends' spaceship as they have the temperament to drive the band's musical journey into the vast universe. All this is given with too much simplicity in to the "sonic space sister", an excellent sound sample of space rock music, in which the intensity alternates with the calm constantly. The Technicolor Blood spacecraft has spread its wings, identified a target somewhere in the dense universe, and nods to us. Let's go!!