LeBackstore, Songs Of Phaedra

Technicolor Blood is a band from Montreal and this vinyl is their third in a row since they have been preceded by two singles. The band consists of L. Boredom, Carl Bedard, Martin Dupras and Spacy Steph. So what do we have here? Space rock influenced mainly by the Hawkwind of 70s, but with new sound, fresh ideas and explosive compositions. Loud, derailed guitars, discreet synths, full bass and measured drums. Of course, the vocals are the vehicle that drives our Canadian friends' spaceship as they have the temperament to drive the band's musical journey into the vast universe. All this is given with too much simplicity in to the "sonic space sister", an excellent sound sample of space rock music, in which the intensity alternates with the calm constantly. The Technicolor Blood spacecraft has spread its wings, identified a target somewhere in the dense universe, and nods to us. Let's go!!


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