Dirty Filthy Records

After years of wandering around the fertile English psychedelic and space scene, keyboardist Chris Cordwell and percussionist Nick Raybould have create the Thought Bubble, a more electronic form of their overall experience. "Around" is their first album which is released on 250 orange vinyls and includes 6 tracks, with very little vocals. The music in these 6 songs is deeply electronic, but the analog drums, the guitars, the clarinet give to these songs a more earthy dimension. So in the 6 tracks of this vinyl, the waves, beatwave, mobius trip, rat race, fluctuate, devoider, the moods of our English friends start their journey from fiery electronic craft starships, they sink into kraut situations, they take a break in more ambient sounds and ideally close their journey to our inner worlds, with the incredible devoider, a piece in which the Thought Bubble give us their exact musical stigma.

Extra interesting release!