Echodelic Records

The English Thought Bubble are back again with a new album, their third, this time for Echodelic Records. Chris Cordwell & Nick Raybould, the two guys behind that band, play electronic music. Electronic music with infinite keyboards to color the sounds, but with the use of real drums the sounds at least seem to stand more firmly in this world and are not lost in meaningless electronic egocentrism. If we keep in mind that this time they have the guitarists Shaun Bailey (Monkey Trial) and Rob Williams (Babal), actor Pablo Raybould who recites (Superficial, Control Your Own Story, Propulsion) and Laura Pickering who sings in the enchanting Cloud Bursting, then, yes we can say with certainty that this band stands out from all those bands that like to make pointless electronic soups for our minds. Listen carefully to Now Boarding, Distraction Engine and of course the Cloud Bursting and don't worry, your brain will not bubble!