Upupayāma s/t

The first album by Italian Upupayāma is an elegy, an ode to acid/folk, and at the same time psychedelic oriental music, guided by the elements of the night, the elves of the spirits living in the leaves and finally a relentless harmonies of coordinated thoughts towards the infinite. A one-man band, guided by an endless ray of light, record four songs that balance between Kikagaku Moyo, Lamp Of The Universe but without similarities. Musical instruments set the ultimate stellar journey to the ultimate mushroom comprehension. Indulge in the magic of white oak, green cabana, the blue magician’s fantasy, hello green man, I am a tiger. Their power is so great that it will captivate you in the clouds.                                                                                 Amazing tracks !!!




Distant Spore Records

First of all let me say that I owe a big apology to the Occult Stereo  for this long delay.                                                                                                                          Occult Stereo is a more personal band of Alex Eliopoulos, a Greek guy who live in Usa, whom we had met through the Impuritan band. Here, he plays a number of instruments and is accompanied by several musicians from the USA and Germany. Plasma, which was recorded last year, is an idiosyncratic album in which the sounds seem improvised, random, while at the same time sounding completely balanced! They are psychedelic, they are experimental, they are pop, sometimes they remind me of Zappa, and all these dress them with passion in the now while at the same time they travel you to previous decades. Liber Xaos, which opens the album, begins with the guitars electrically tuning the moods before the track transforms into a more electroacoustic folk, and the highly atmospheric Canadian Bees, which sounds like it's trying to seduce you with its magical aura which emits, as if electrified mushrooms pass in front of you and magnetize all your senses. I think a contact with Occult Stereo will be beneficial for your souls!