Øresund Space Collective Oily Echoes of the Soul

Space Rock Productions

Øresund Space Collective is here again, with their 27th studio album!! Recorded in October 2010 and with several musicians participating!! This release contains 7 tracks of music with a total duration of over 2.5 hours!! The Bump and Grind ØSC Style and Cruisin 'with the Alien Crew, which each last more than half an hour, contain the entire space rock and psychedelic vision of Ø.S.C for how they perceive the universe through their music. On the almost 26 minutes great track Look to the Sky, People from 17:18 a cosmic solo starts on the organ, then the guitar catches fire and somehow an incredible and exciting piece is completed!

Of course my favorite track on the album (and one of my favorites from this band) is Peace of Mynd, a song that takes us by the hand (or from the heart?) And leads us straight to the east psychedelic paths thanks to the use of sitar. Oh, don't forget, as soon as Peace of Mynd ends, Shit Kickin 'starts (which closes also the album as a separate track), a 4-minute track, exciting and hippie.

Oily Echoes of the Soul is the ideal soundtrack to flying inside a rainbow or swimming in pearl clouds. Crystal clear space rock/psychedelic sound, exciting, relaxing, and extremely elusive. 




Out-Sider Music

From Chicago the Apocalypse's album was actually a demo they recorded in 1976. The band was created by Tom Salvatori (bass, electric guitar etch) he's brother Michael's (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars etch) and his wife Gail (keyboards/synths, violin, backing vocals,), and a classmate, Scott Magnesen (drums & percussion), took over the drums. This demo was brought to the surface by Michael Salvatori, later with the help of Steve Krakov this demo was taken to Out-Sider and this is how a lost diamond of progressive music takes its rightful place next to the albums of similar bands of that time , such as Soft Machine, Genesis, ELP etc. The album contains 5 songs, progressive rock moods, full of organ, double-neck guitar, synth, female and male vocals. Genuine prog sound. The 10 minute All the People, the epitome of progressive-rock, as well Turning Around are great tracks. A completely remarkable album!




Red Wig Record & Oracle Record

I first met Sophia Djebel Rose through An Eagle in your Mind, an acid folk band from France. Métempsycose is her new personal release after a 7 "which was released in 2020 and which contained 2 songs out of a total of 5 songs from the cassette/cd that were released a little earlier. Here, on her first album, she continues to record folk or acid folk if you prefer songs that radiate an extremely dark mood that seems to have completely haunted all the songs. Accompanied only by the sound of a guitar or from occasionally some other mysterious organ sounds, Sophia Djebel Rose's voice seems to come from very distant and hidden magical places. He sings in French and this makes the songs more seductive. The apparent nudity of the songs, the clear voice and all the feeling that the songs leave is just fascinating. Sophia Djebel Rose's sounds are influenced from her psychedelic folk heroes from the sixties, such as Buffy Sainte Mary, Leonard Cohen or Linda Perhacs. The magical and brilliant folk/psychedelic tracks Vénus and La Clairière really blow out my mind and soul!