Øresund Space Collective Oily Echoes of the Soul

Space Rock Productions

Øresund Space Collective is here again, with their 27th studio album!! Recorded in October 2010 and with several musicians participating!! This release contains 7 tracks of music with a total duration of over 2.5 hours!! The Bump and Grind ØSC Style and Cruisin 'with the Alien Crew, which each last more than half an hour, contain the entire space rock and psychedelic vision of Ø.S.C for how they perceive the universe through their music. On the almost 26 minutes great track Look to the Sky, People from 17:18 a cosmic solo starts on the organ, then the guitar catches fire and somehow an incredible and exciting piece is completed!

Of course my favorite track on the album (and one of my favorites from this band) is Peace of Mynd, a song that takes us by the hand (or from the heart?) And leads us straight to the east psychedelic paths thanks to the use of sitar. Oh, don't forget, as soon as Peace of Mynd ends, Shit Kickin 'starts (which closes also the album as a separate track), a 4-minute track, exciting and hippie.

Oily Echoes of the Soul is the ideal soundtrack to flying inside a rainbow or swimming in pearl clouds. Crystal clear space rock/psychedelic sound, exciting, relaxing, and extremely elusive. 


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