Lost In Tyme

Rusty Parts is a new band from Ptolemaida/Greece consisting of four people, who gathered to play the music that expresses them. What is this music? Of course the 60s and 80s garage/psych/pop! They picked up their instruments, guitar, drums, bass and farfisa, put a lot of inspiration, a lot of love and recorded three amazing songs, which are released in 7-inch format (500 copies) under the huge wings of Lost In Tyme records. With a very good and solid play of drums and bass, the guitar and the farfisa weave beautiful melodies, either more garage as in Millie, or more moody as in the gorgeous Never Walk Away, and more psych as Tonight. What impressed me is the guitar solo, demonized for a few seconds towards the end of Millie, the most psychedelic and biggest solo (with wah wah?) in Tonight, the loving Never Walk Away and finally the very good voice of the singer!! The Rusty Parts sounds like Purple Overdose’s first album-Exit#4, but with more closer to garage sound!!!! Very cool ep!!

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