DR SPACE Nykawana & Scorpoodledoo

Space Rock Productions

Nykawana contains two 23-minute tracks that were recorded in 2019 when Dr. Space finished Paul Devereux's book, The Long Trip-A prehistory of Psychedelia, and felt the need to externalize the influences he received from reading. Using a plurality of synthesizers, Dr. Space creates all these weird sounds that make this stellar travel , shorten the distances of galaxies, bring us closer to situations that have to do with consciousness, sound is also extremely experimental, is space, is ambient, is highly electronic , influenced, as he says by musicians like Eno, Claus Schultze etc. Nykawana is available in 150 copies of vinyl and 100 numbered digisleeve cds.

The recordings of Scorpoodledoo  (100 numbered digisleeve cd), but also for the next two of this series that will be released later in the year, were made mainly in March and April, during the quarantine  . Here Dr. Space enjoyable the electronic sounds, the synthesizers catch fire, it creates either chaotic, relaxing, or schizophrenic, or scary sounds, strange and not earthly, and he send it to he's own black holes where it traps us there for the duration of this trip!! Two tracks made impression on me, Reverberations into the Void, an ode to paranoia and an immersion in a scary nightmare and FlashForwards shamanic electronic tribal. Scorpoodledoo is an experimental space trip, lots of ambient sound storm, a ticket to our mental imbalance! Try it!!