Echodelic Records

The English Thought Bubble are back again with a new album, their third, this time for Echodelic Records. Chris Cordwell & Nick Raybould, the two guys behind that band, play electronic music. Electronic music with infinite keyboards to color the sounds, but with the use of real drums the sounds at least seem to stand more firmly in this world and are not lost in meaningless electronic egocentrism. If we keep in mind that this time they have the guitarists Shaun Bailey (Monkey Trial) and Rob Williams (Babal), actor Pablo Raybould who recites (Superficial, Control Your Own Story, Propulsion) and Laura Pickering who sings in the enchanting Cloud Bursting, then, yes we can say with certainty that this band stands out from all those bands that like to make pointless electronic soups for our minds. Listen carefully to Now Boarding, Distraction Engine and of course the Cloud Bursting and don't worry, your brain will not bubble!




The Telephones Prosaic Turbulence


The English Telephones were formed in 2007 in Derby and after reorganizations have become a band of 5 people. On June 24th they will release their new album (fourth if I'm not mistaken) entitled Prosaic Turbulence! The Telephones mix and unfold in a very beautiful and successful way their influences which come from bands of the 60s such as The Byrds, Love, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Doors etc. Of course they don’t just stand there but they also remember bands like the early Verve and Primal Scream and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. This mix of influences offers us some very nice psych/pop songs such as the Two Byrds, the extremely airy Orange Kind Of Green, the most hypnotic….. Hypnotized and the full of changes in the rhythm of Prosaic Turbulence, which closes the album. A remarkable album, which relies mainly on guitars, full of beautiful pop and pop/psych melodies plus great great vocals.



Astral Magic A Peak into the Future & Lords of Space

(A Peak...) Not on label 

(Lords...) Clostridium Records

Finnish space rockers Astral Magic are here with two releases. An ep which contains 4 songs, from four future releases of the band, which is released in 40 (!!!) vinyl copies, so hurry up!!

Lords Of Space, however, is a brand new album for Astral Magic, the personal band of Santtu Laakso (Dj Astro) who plays almost everything alone! Lords Of Space is a genuine space rock album based on the space sound of the 70s, but at the same time it is an album that brings out a brilliant freshness. Of course, the question is to have songs worthy of illuminating their (our) intergalactic journey in space. The Chakra Vimana for example is one such, a brilliant space rocket, without vocals and with full effect, the also instro The Fall of Atlantis, a piece that gives me the feeling that I am watching the sunrise of many suns together!! Set on Flames, Cosmic Games etc, are just the space stations that feel the movements of the black holes, the fantastic The Undead  is only in the cd (as well as another one)version and finally the song Lords of Space is another one space rock anthem by this band! An amazing space album, it captures in the best and most convincing way that Astral Magic is a great band and Santtu Laakso is one of the Lords of Space music of our times!



BOOGIE In Freak Town

 Out-Sider Music

Fantastic trio, straight from San Fransisco, consisting of Barry "The Bee" Bastian (Canned Heat, Lee Michaels ...) on guitar/vocals; John Barrett (The Rhythm Dukes) on bass and Fuzzy John Oxendine (Roky Erickson & The Aliens, Jerry Miller Band ...) on drums. Having played gigs with bands such as Quicksilver, Flamin ’Groovies and Country Joe & The Fish, among others, they recorded a demo in 1968. However, their involvement with drugs didn't give them the joy of releasing something at the time. So, in 2022 this demo plus some live, are released for the first time on vinyl, giving us the opportunity to enjoy a band from California sounding like Blur Cheer, like Cream or like The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Rock 'n' roll sound, guitar, bass, drums, amazing cover of Wade In The Water, psychedelic/blues sound in the 13 minute Prelude To Boogie, an inconceivable track In Freak Town and generally a great album for those who collect such lost gems.