IIL WIND Flashes



The classic masterpiece of the Ill Wind was released in 1968 and occupies a prominent place in the list of the top albums of the so-called Boston sound, among psychedelic albums such as those of Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union, Frond Page Review, Ford Theater, etc. In their only lp Flashes the wonderful male and female vocals, the enchanting guitars, the hypnotic rhythms dominate. The funny thing of course is that the album opens with Walkin' and singin' an almost country song!! But then we are confronted with three of the most psychedelic songs ever recorded, L.A.R.D, the hallucinatory Full Cycle and the heavenly Dark World, a dream that flows into our souls and blasts them into  mushroom visions. The cover of High Flying Bird   is incredible, as is Sleep and all the other songs. Black vinyl edition as well as 104 purple copies. Tune in!!