Out-Sider Music

From Chicago the Apocalypse's album was actually a demo they recorded in 1976. The band was created by Tom Salvatori (bass, electric guitar etch) he's brother Michael's (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars etch) and his wife Gail (keyboards/synths, violin, backing vocals,), and a classmate, Scott Magnesen (drums & percussion), took over the drums. This demo was brought to the surface by Michael Salvatori, later with the help of Steve Krakov this demo was taken to Out-Sider and this is how a lost diamond of progressive music takes its rightful place next to the albums of similar bands of that time , such as Soft Machine, Genesis, ELP etc. The album contains 5 songs, progressive rock moods, full of organ, double-neck guitar, synth, female and male vocals. Genuine prog sound. The 10 minute All the People, the epitome of progressive-rock, as well Turning Around are great tracks. A completely remarkable album!


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