EDEN ROSE On the way to Eden


Guerssen's reissue of this album of French Eden Rose. It was first released in 1970, and Guerssen reissued it again back in 2016. It is an instrumental album based on the organ of Henri Garela and the guitarist Pierre Alacen. Eight fantastic tracks where the organ dominates elsewhere, the guitar elsewhere while the bass and drums accompany the improvisation with a very special way. Their sound can be characterized as early progressive, it is groovy, little psychedelic, and tracks like Walking In The Sea, Reinyet Number, Faster And Faster, Traveling, you have the feeling that opening your mind on fire for a long time!! In summary, however, I cannot fail to mention that listening to this French masterpiece comes to my mind the track Ellis Island by Brian Auger Julie Driscoll & The Trinity from Streetnoise, an album that I imagine influenced Henri Garela in both playing and sound of On the way to Eden overall.


EDEN ROSE : On The Way To Eden - LP - GUERSSEN RECORDS - Forced Exposure


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