This is the sixth album by Electric Family's three years after Terra Circus. Electric Family released their first album in 1997. Many years have passed since then and now the band is releasing their new album entitled Echoes Don’t Lie. Here the band of Tom "The Perc" Redecker, Rolf Kirschbaum, Harry Payuta, is completed by several guest musicians such as Roman Bunka (embryo), Marlon Kleim, Milla Kapolke, Rolf Muller and many more. All these years the Electric Family records songs of progressive rock, folk, pop kraut, all of them filtered in a psychedelic pot from where the smells of other decades emerge. The song that opens the album, the sacred land contains rather mellotron and is very good, as is the cover of Neil Young's I’ve been waiting for you. But the songs that shook me the most are another giant leap and strange things.                                                                                                                 Electric Family's new album is also the most rock they have done so far, while Redecker's voice remains consistently charming!!


The Electric Family - Echoes Don't Lie (2020, CD) | Discogs

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