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The White Kites from Poland are back 6 years after their first album, Missing, which was released in 2014! The band consists of Sean Palmer-vocals, Przemek Piłaciński-guitars, Jakub Lenarczyk-keyboards, Paweł Betley-flute, Marysia Białota-rhodes piano, bass and Jakub Tolak-drums, while there are several guests. Their music is a mixture of British rock of the 60s and 70s, folk, art-rock, while they also add polite doses of psychedelic, blues, baroque, jazz, elements. The sound is great, the compositions are quite high level, the Spinning Lizzie that opens the album is surprisingly lively, in Not a Brownie the band goes from prog to jazz orchestrations, in Devillusion, which lasts just 50 seconds the music is extremely jazz/baroque 40s-50s style, the tracks Blurred, Mother Mars and Fallen Star are perhaps the closest to psychedelia, but the song I fell in love with is the marvelous Mysteries in the Sky with the crystal clear voice of Ola Bilińska. Of course, another element that gives White Kites a distinct entity is the ideal voice for this genre, the voice of Sean Palmer.                                                                                                                       This is a great progressive album, ideal for fans of this kind of music as it evolved in the late 60s and from early to mid 70s.


Devillusion | The White Kites

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