Rubber Tea is a German band and Infusion is their debut album. They consist of Lennart Hinz (keybords, vocals), Vanessa Gross (vocals, sax, flute), David Erzmann (bass), Jonas Roustai (guitar), Henri Pink (drums) and with the help of some guests recorded these 8 songs. Their music is a whirlwind of progressive, art rock and psychedelic rock, as it was played in early to the mid-70s. In these 8 songs what impresses is the very expressive and warm voice of Vanessa Gross. Especially in the amazing in weeping waters where the rhythm hypnotizes our souls, her voice takes us off over mushroom seas!! Also, another balm song for our mental health is the excellent The drought, with the very nice and suitable male and female vocals. In general, Rubber Tea recorded a very good album with songs where they bring out a fairytale mood, a dreamy dive into infinity. The many fans of the genre will bow to the talent of the band.

 Infusion | Rubber Tea

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