Forever Amber's The Love Cycle was one of the rarest albums of English pop/psych music. It was released as a private press in only 99 copies, with the first official re-release in 2007. Forever Amber was Richard Lane (lead guitar, voc), Christopher Jones (rhythm guitar, voc), Anthony Mumford (bass guitar, voc), Christopher Parren (electric organ/piano /harpsichord/voc), Michael Richardson (vocals). Well, in 1968 they released an album, a milestone for English sunny psych/pop music. Acrobatic between Beach Boys, Zombies and Beatles, Forever Amber recorded some of the most ingenious songs written in 60s England!! The Dreamer Flies Back for example is a small masterpiece, like Better Things Are Bound To Come, and the inconceivable On Top Of My Own Special Mountain, and the exquisite I See You As You Used To Be, but also My Friend. (Can I mark all the tracks?)                       Extremely vocals, the sound of the songs is wonderful, the mood is psychedelic.     Forever Amber at one point could be special melodic and pop and the next one unrivaled psychedelic.                                                                                 Recommended.


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