THOUGHT BUBBLE Primal Connection

Dub Cthonic Records

Thought Bubble recently released their debut album Around (Dirty Filthy Records ). Here at Primal Connection the moods of this electronic band are much darker. Nick Raybould and Chris Cordwell are recording 6 tracks with a total duration of just over an hour. The sounds produced by the British here seem to radiate electronically stellar bodies, first enveloping recycled in our minds and later  throughout the universe. Electronic music but analog drums and electric guitar. And do not worry if you feel that your mind is full of bubbles. It depends on what mood you listen  this kind of music! Thought Bubble  play electronic music, sometimes touching the edges of the kraut, gently caressing the ambient dimensions, cordially greeting some dub paths and all this wrapped in electro/space clouds. The excellent "Veering" somehow encapsulates the essence of this band.  Limited edition cassette!!!!




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