LE LANTERNE ROSSE Paura Del Buio / Non Puoi Restare

 Lost In Tyme Records

The Italians Le Lanterne Rosse is a relatively new band. But its members are anything but new in the garage, since, Matteo-voice, guitar, bass, Francesco-voice, guitar, bass, instrument, Fulvio-guitar, Diego-drums, have existed in bands such as excellent Head & The Hares, I Fenomeni, but also the unique Painted Brush !! Here, this new fantastic band recorded 2 garage folk songs, they sing in Italian and as you can imagine the sound is totally 60s. Two amazing songs with "Non Puoi Restare"  I like more since the sound is much more psychedelic but also "Paura Del Buio" sounding great. Either way, Le Lanterne Rosse's single is brilliant. (Oh yes, the notes on the back is by Greg Prevost of the legendary Chesterfield Kings).

Grab your copy!!


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