BABY SCREAM Sad Balloons

 Baby Scream Records

Juan Pablo Mazzola comes from Argentina and the Baby Scream band is basically him! As Baby Scream he released his first songs in 2006 and since then, he often presents new works. His music is generally pop, very melodic pop music to be exact, while he often mixes other elements. This latest release is a new collection of demos, covers and unreleased tracks, entitled Sad Balloons (in 2011 another collection called Lost Balloons was released). Here, too, the sound and style of the songs varies somewhere between pop and acoustic songs, but there are also songs like Britney Has Left The Building, the dirty grunge song fuck this, as well as covers songs of Nirvana, Genne Simons (Kiss ) etc. Baby Scream is consistent in what they represent and for this reason they have their own loyal fans!  


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