GEW-GAW#7 (greek issue)

('round '98)

interviews & arrticles: Fantasyy Factoryy, Will-O-The Wisp, Yesterday’s Thoughts, Steppes,
  Moog 2 etc.
then tape now cdr  
Oscillating Vibrations(gg03)

Vicky Leandros In Outer Space-galaxie v 4572 (unreleased)
Fantasyy Factoryy-castle in my mind (from teh album ‘If I Like It I Do It’)
Todd Dillingham-trimever squares (unreleased)
Yesterday’s Thoughts-you live in misery (from the album ‘Searchin In Shadows’-different remix)
Melting Ashes-something tough my body (unreleased)
Vicky Leandros In Outer Space-song for the dead astronauts (unreleased)
The Smell Of Incense-the smell of incense (live version)
oscillating vibrations cover artWill-O-The Wisp-it’s time (from the alubm ‘Will-O-The Wisp-different remix)
Todd Dillingham-carusel rider (unreleased)

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