GEW-GAW#6 (greek issue)

(around '98)

interviews:Todd Dillingham, Translucent, Word Of Life, Kitchen Cynics  Articles: Moog Synthesizers etc.

then tape now  cdr
Cosmic Monkeys    (gg02)  

Mandra Gora Lightshow Society-babushka’s space fhenomenon (frpm the compi. ‘The Story Of Today’s Hallucination’)
Chateau De Fleurs-kmb (from the album‘Chateau De Fleurs)
Tadpoles-sense (from the album ‘Smoke Ghost’)
Flying Dragons-flying dragons (unreleased)
Flying Dragons-come (unreleased)
Melting Ashes-velvet loves (unreleased)
Sanders-badlands, insane, I’m against, say you love me, the ballad of pervasion, suck, state of mind (all unreleased)

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