GEW-GAW#5 (greek issue)

round '97

  interviews & articles: Cardinals, Avesalom, Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band, Deep Freeze Mice, Wobble Jaggle Jiggle, Headstones, Xotic Mind, Garage Poetry etc.

then tape now cdr Universal Mind (gg01)
The Smell Of Incense-(i wanna live in the) golden state (unreleased)
Jack Of All Trades-heaven (from their album ‘Just Before, Unfair Loss’-diff remix)
Bevis Frond-can i make it right? (unreleased)
Melting Ashes-miss blackbird (unreleased)
Bevis Frond-three mile wall (unreleased)
The Smell Of Incense-coming down (long version)
Mooseheart Faith-there’s another you (from the album ‘Global Brain’-not on vinyl track)
 Impossible Tymes-maybe tomorrow (unreleased

Universal Mind cover art

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