THUS All of Thus


Thus's only album was released in 1968 in 265 copies. A genuine garage album that combined their songs with some very good covers. Their sound was very charming, and from the tracks was born an extremely seductive power emerged where, in combination with the recording, they gave this album a completely justifiably good reputation in the circles of the garage music. From their amazing moody songs, Uncharted Voyage Of Thought Processes, Just A Little, Artificial Lies, to some fantastic covers, the dynamic Bye Bye Baby or from the unexpectedly great cover on Walk On By etc, Thus prove how good a band they were. Of course, the songs that stand out are the first two, the masterpiece Rely and the very good Kid Of A Dream, two psych/garage tracks. Reissue on black or white vinyl (white vinyl only in 105 numbered copies.) 


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