DOMADORA Suffering Brothers

 Domadora, a stoner band from Paris, is releasing a new album called Suffering Brothers, for download only for the moment. Our French friends have a lot of releases in the past years, while in the future they’ll have more! Here, with the exception of the song that opens the album, "the suffering brother"s, which is flirting between stoner and heavy blues, in the other 3 tracks Domadora  jamming and the music lead them (there are no lyrics in any of them) to more labyrinthine/kraut/psych paths. Ardwel Courta-percussions, Tommy Foster-guitar have been added to this band (Tao Delport- drums, Gui Omm-bass, Belwil Domadora-guitar). The sounds in the "following the teachings","the u book" and the 30 minute "spiritual seeds", are magically elusive, it’s kraut rock, sometimes they become more pop, more tribal, they floating in space and create a strangely relaxed situation which they energize towards the end of all three tracks.


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