NEON PEARL 1967 Recordings


The English Neon Pearl were formed in 1967 by Peter Dunton (Gun, Please, T2), and after some changes the band took its final form and
consisted of Peter Dunton (drums/keyboards/vocals), Bernie Jinks (bass) and Nick Spenser (guitar). The band recorded some amazing songs, full of psychedelic/pop smells, which, however, didn’t pique the interest of any label, as a result of which they remained unreleased for many years, while Dunton created the exquisite and   supreme band of Please! Some of the songs of Neon Pearl such as Dream Scream, Forever, Urban Ways, What You See etc, are magical, extremely psychedelic and lyrical. It is surprising that that tracks were not released then! Be that as it may, the release of Guerssen comes for those who didn't get the reissue of Acme a few years ago. Take it NOW!

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