NOAH Brain Such


Finally!!! After a long wait, Noah's album from Ohio is officially released with the consent of the band itself. This means that on one vinyl there is their concept album just as it was recorded in 1972, while on the other vinyl there are the two singles (1967 and 1969) of Sound Barrier and for our delight some unreleased Noah's songs !!. From the garage Sound Barrier (of the inconceivable Hey hey, (My) Baby's Gone of the first 7 '') and the Markees were created the Noah, who left back the garage sound and turned to hard psychedelic!! With sound close to bands like Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, but also Oddysey or Mystic Shiva etc, Noah (Mark Schering-guitar + vocals, Larry Davis-drums, Paul Hess-bass + b vocals, Danny Hall-keyboards + b vocals) recorded one of the most impressive albums of this genre!! With plenty of masterpieces like Maybe You've Changed / Trouble / Still No Reason, Brainsuck, Goodbye Earth but also the unreleased wonderful psychedelic rock of demo Black Mother Nature. Noah was an exciting band, with the sound of Hammond organ being more than enchanting. Hurry up for your copy!!

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