ACID REICH Mistress of The Perpetual Harvest

Mental Experience

Acid Reich's Mistress of The Perpetual Harvest was first released on cassette by Cool Beans in 1989. Dave Wyndorf, Tim Cronin, John McBain, founding members of Monster Magnet, along with Shaune Kelley and Joe Paone, were responsible for this primitive, raw, album. An ode to acid, to fuzz, to wah wah, to echo and to screams. A rough album that was recorded on four channels and sounds like it comes straight from hell. Here are the three songs from the cassette, Black Sun, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun and Theme, but luckily there are two more, Revenge Of Tim Boo Ba and Amazing Grace. The cover of Floyd's  Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun stands out , a 15-minute dive into a trembling unexplored state of mind, as well as the Black Sun, a dark, scary and lysergically poisoned arrow.                                      Let's flow our mind out with overdose of freak out!!!


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