PERMANENT CLEAR LIGHT Cosmic Comics Sulatron Records

Sulatron Records

The Finland’s Permanent Clear Light released their first album in 2013 on cdr (on vinyl in 2015) entitled Beyond These Things. The band consists of Markku Helin, Arto Kakko and Matti Laitinen. Now they are returning with their second album titled Cosmic Comics. Unlike the first one, here the sounds are a little different. They are clearly more pop, far from the psychedelic moods of the first lp, while adding polite doses of different musical trails, jazz/ Canterbury in Salmiac, space/pop/disco in Maurice n'est pas la etc. The beautiful melodies, the distinctive sound from mellotron, the very good vocals is of course here again, there are also songs that stick in the mind, such as the glue on paper like This Quiet Smiling Man, the brilliant Peasants and Peons, the Corneville Skyline…... This Permanent Clear Light's album is likely to be heard by more people!!

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