BLAKE HORNSBY Teetering on the Edge of the Void


Blake Hornsby comes to us from Western North Carolina, he has some digital releases, but this one will be released on vinyl (I hope!!)! Of course, I didn’t know nothing about him until he sent me his latest album, Teetering on the Edge of the Void. 
What we have here; an excellent acid folk album. To be precise, in the 8 songs that exist here, the sounds are totally acid folk, but chiseled through an excellent mix of raga, middle eastern music, psychedelia, avant-gard, Indian etc! Listening to them gives the feeling that you are participating in a ritual delusional freak out way of life! Hornsby plays a variety of instruments; (accompanied by some of his friends with instruments such as cello, tabla, sitar, didgeridoo) he sings and takes us into his worlds. Sometimes the songs are more normal and other times the sounds seem to hover with us far above the earth. The feeling that you are swirling in every note is constant as well as the feeling that you are entering a vortex where everything - regardless of whether the sound is chaotic or not - is calm and elastic, if you can be understood by what I write.
Tracks like Peace of Mind, PT. 2,  El Dorado , PT. 2, Variation on Love, or the  intro which open the album must be heard with headphones, very loud and late at night
I m sure that Blake Hornsby's album will make a lot of “noise" in the specific music genre
Very recommended!!!

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