SKY CRIES MARY Secrets of a Red Planet

Sky Cries Mary - Secrets Of A Red Planet (2020, CD) | DiscogsTrail Records
Skies Cry Mary released their first album in 1989. Since then, they have released several more releases. This cd titled Secrets of a Red Planet and include 6 songs, 5 of which last more than 7 and half minutes. What we have here; Hypnotic psychedelic space, rock music, with several prog, ambient doses, etc. Their songs unfold like the wings of a peacock and are able to lead us to infinity. Space sounds seem to swirl and wrap around us, enticing us. The drunken pilot is like an abyss/space dive in a black hole, born from my mouth starts lazily and suddenly seems to take off in a furious flight. But there are also the waves of mourning and die of laughter which are completely psychedelic and unexpected space and you wish they never end!!
Fantastic release!!

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