CONSTANTINE In Memory Of A Summer Day

I will never stop feeling grateful to Tim Ferguson of Red Plastic Buddha, who first introduced me to Constantine. 
His first lp, Day Of Light (read the review) has entered the pantheon of the best psychedelic/folk albums of all time. Now, a few years later, our friend returns with a brand new album, titled In Memory Of A Summer Day. First of all, to say that the work on the covers is impressive, Stephen A. Gutra painted, as for Constantine's previous album, "Day Of Light", a very special and wonderful painting, at this gatefold cover. Accompanied by outstanding musicians, Constantine continues to record inspired, folk-based, but also hypnotic psychedelic songs. His songs are possessed by an airy psychedelic aura that seems to envelop our souls with the most intoxicating scents and finally launch them into the most psychedelic and peaceful dream we have ever dreamed of!!
Let's enjoy the ethereal Morning - The Meandering Path, with the wonderful voice of Jen Williams singing with Constantine, Spring with the sweet taste of poppies (of the genre Ultimate Spinach), the oriental vision of My Dear Alice, its majestic simplicity Matilda Of The Meadow where in the middle of the song with the entrance of drums, bass and electric guitar the senses take off to other fairytale psychedelic dimensions, the 10 minute relentless psychedelic The Kingdom Must Fall with the double drums! 
And this album  by Constantine is extremely dreamy and incomparably fantastic. For the rest of the songs, Upon Your Rise, Slaying Of The Dragon, Far, Far, Far Away, Along The Castle Wall, Upon A Dream, Rivers, writing that they are valuable folk songs is the least!! And finally there is Afternoon - In Memory Of A Summer Day, a song of inconceivable charm.
In Memory Of A Summer Day, is a truly masterpiece!!
Highly recommended.
(Read also the first (i think) interview in Europe with Constantine here)

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