gew-gaw #3


Purple Overdose, Lamp Of The Universe, Oophoi, Quarkspace, Brown’ Nose, Painted Air etc.

Gew-Gaw’s Quadraphonic Snail” (Nowhere Street Music)

compilation cd Free with gew-gaw#03



Yesterday’s Thoughts-I’ don’t love you (unreleased)

Nick Bensen-flying into the sun (unreleased)

Effeto Doppler-cometa (from their album ‘Indifferenticiely’-different version)

Lenin’s Modem-the unquiet federation (unreleased)

Baby Woodrose-maya (from their album ‘Blows Your Mind’)

Murmurs Of Irma-mannequins (from their album ‘Clouwatch HQ’)

Kitrinos Daktylos-trip hope (unreleased)

Lamp Of The Universe-love (from their album ‘Echo In Light’)

Seid-the tale of the king on the hill (from their album ‘Among The Monster Flowers Again’)

Nick Bensen-no resistance (single version of the song which appears on album ‘No Resistance’)

Brown’ Nose-golden sunshine (from their album ‘Life Is Question’)

Sweet Green-as the tide (unreleased)

Color Cacas-electric chair (from a single of Swamp Room Single Club)

Translucent-in high coloured cloud (unreleased)

(+ a great secret track.)

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