The Telephones Prosaic Turbulence


The English Telephones were formed in 2007 in Derby and after reorganizations have become a band of 5 people. On June 24th they will release their new album (fourth if I'm not mistaken) entitled Prosaic Turbulence! The Telephones mix and unfold in a very beautiful and successful way their influences which come from bands of the 60s such as The Byrds, Love, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Doors etc. Of course they don’t just stand there but they also remember bands like the early Verve and Primal Scream and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. This mix of influences offers us some very nice psych/pop songs such as the Two Byrds, the extremely airy Orange Kind Of Green, the most hypnotic….. Hypnotized and the full of changes in the rhythm of Prosaic Turbulence, which closes the album. A remarkable album, which relies mainly on guitars, full of beautiful pop and pop/psych melodies plus great great vocals.


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