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The Thingz come from Long Beach, CA and Just In Time is their eighth album. They consist of Kim (vocals, bass, theremin), Mike (vocals, guitar), Timothy (keys, vocals) and Jason (drums, vocals). Compared to their previous albums (excluding the Shapes To Come) here they have a new member, Timothy who contributes with his farfisa. As you can see the sound is genuine and wild garage/punk. The songs were recorded in the spring and as they say:                                                                 

«The Thingz play beach punk from the basement and garage stomp for a world on fire. Songs about revenge from the grave, human farming, the unexpected consequences of unopposable thumbs, the futility of punctuality in a life without clocks, rodent transformation, finding love on the moon, nocturnal animal husbandry and hijinks, historical crimes, paranoia in high places, disaffected demons, leaving the universe via obsolete technology, being trapped between the ice and the lights, and that undefinable and unending journey to the end of everything»

I don’t find any reason to disagree and I just turn up the volume, especially when I listen to the haunt you down with the thermin which demonizes the sound! A genuine r’n’r album from a band that is having fun!! 


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