Coop Records Gotland (12"EP - Vinyl)                                                                           Sound Effect Records (Cd/Digital)

 On 19/9/2020, the new EP album of the Swedes Melody Fields will be release, entitled Broken Horse.This is the second release after their very good debut album of the same name in 2018. The 4 songs of EP are occupied by a pop aura which is extremely intertwined with the psychedelic elements in which these compositions are grafted. The first side songs, Lngsam Dd and Rhymes Of Goodbye are two beautiful dives in the psychedelic east raga. On the other hand, in broken horse and painted sky, Melody Fields scans melodies that sound like they come straight from the sound of San Francisco. Especially in the broken horse the guitar plays the rhythm of Jefferson Airplane Today. Melody Fields in this EP generously offer 4 amazing musical moments which either send us to the east or to the west, the result is enchanting.  Take your copy NOW.

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