The Dandelion
We are huge admirers of the songwriting of Daniel Poulter. So, when we came along with his new songs, after the disbanding of the Dolly Rocker Movement, (aka Dandelion) we wanted to learn a few things more.  Here is the review of the album

Tell us a few things about how you wrote the songs, played all the instruments and recorded the album.
Some of the songs I had written before recording like "I Turned On" and "Here Comes Love" and most of the other songs I just strummed out some chords or jumped on the drum kit and built the song around the original take. Over the years I've collected a few different instruments and I took the time the learn how to play them for this record.
       How come the vinyl version of the album has fewer songs than that of the CD?
The CD was self released by myself and the vinyl is a part of Bad Afro Records EP releases. There are plans to release the second half of the album this year.
       What is the source of your inspiration for the lyrics of your songs?
It all depends on what is happening in my life at the time and my surroundings. I usually don't write lyrics with something in mind it's just words in my head. It's not until months or years later I realize the meaning or story behind what I write.
       Do you have any plans for live performances or is this difficult?
The first official live show was last week and it went really well. Not difficult at all!
      How did you decide to follow a solo career?
I've always been more of a solo artist than a collaborator. The Dandelion is different only in the way I recorded all the instruments myself. I'm really happy with the band I have now and plan to record new songs with them really soon. But essentially The Dandelion is just a new name. If I was going to record a new Dolly Rocker Movement album it would sound exactly the same. The DRM did have it's core members and we have all moved in different directions emotionally and spiritually. The Dandelion still reflects my adventures and style but beginning with a new name and new band was essential for me to move forward as an artist.
       To what extent did your trip to America influence your decisions as far as music is concerned?
Kill City Creeps was a direct influence of my time spent in Los Angeles for sure. That was a whirlwind experience both living in LA and performing with Kill City Creeps. I had a spiritual awakening around the beginning of 2012 which caused me to move away from what I was doing with KCC and find a new path in my life. I had to make friends with what I thought were demons in my life and re-kindle a damaged relationship I had with my soul. I had a great experience in LA but the decisions I made while there and for two years after were centered around trying to please the wrong people and the pleasure seeking side of my ego. This left me feeling pretty empty,with not much recording output,a drug problem and broken relationships with people who actually cared about me. Thankfully my brain was guided by some very powerful forces to place where I could mend those broken situations and get back on my journey.
        What do you miss most from the period with The Dolly Rocker Movement
I look back fondly on that period and I learned a lot about life, myself and made some very close and unforgettable friends. I don't miss that period at all because I value what those past experiences have taught me. I enjoy growing older and searching for new experiences.
by kostas m.

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