Drug Free Youth "the avocado index" (nsm030/lp & cd)

{LP is sold out (only a few promo copies are available) CD available}
150 green vinyl copies / 150 black vinyl copies & 300 cd
....Opening with the exhilarating but obscure at the same time ‘Pulsating Yellow Heart’ and moving on to ‘Faces From The Past’, you’ve already experienced his great composition-work and the vocal harmonies ideally sung. ’The Mysteries Of Life- Ms Abigeil Doe’ wouldn’t be so beautiful without the west coast ‘Jefferson Airplane-style’ guitars – trademark of the late sixties, whereas the lullaby-kind-of-song ‘The Broken Circle’ has a taste of Greece in that era. It’s when you understand what he tries to do: bring beauty back to pop music. By saying ‘pop’, I mean music that’s ‘accepted’ by a wide public, it doesn’t have to be ‘playback music’ that’s played in clubs and arenas; sometimes the sound of breaking glass can be just as catchy as an ultra-compressed vocal line. On ‘Patterns’, the guitar replaces the organ accompanied by live drumming and nostalgic 90s vocals. There are 19 tracks on ‘The Avocado Index’, lasting no longer than 40 minutes: a challenge, given the number of influences that the songs have.  ‘Σύννεφα Από Καραμέλα’ (meaning ‘clouds made of candy’) is another groovy organ-based tune that features Greek lyrics, which suit just fine.  . Let’s hope that this will only be the beginning and that more amazing albums will come along soon. For the time being, there are only 300 copies available, released by a Greek label called ‘Nowhere Street Music’

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