gew-gaw # 02

interviews and articles
Into The Abyss, Mother Superior, Carrots, Grass Harp, Fifty Foot Hose,
Mellotron, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society etc.


Gew-Gaw’s Stereophonic Dodman”
cd compilation 


The Voyage Limpid Sound-the owl ((from their album ‘Electronically Enhanced Dream’-totally different version)
Burnt Noodle-down look down (from their album ‘The Noodle And The Damage Done’)
Into The Abyss-psychopompe (from their album ‘Adrenochrome’-specially remixed for this compilation)
Morte Macabre-apoteosi del mistero (from their album ‘Symphonic Holocaust’)
Carrots-snow white (from their album ‘Saving Chocolate Coins’)
Harvest Moon-standing high, staring low (unreleased)
Liquid Zoo-statue (from their album ‘The Return Of The Fever tree’)
Trip Hill-swomi (from their album ‘Takes From Oblivion’)
Jack Of All Trades-around and away (unreleased)
Quarkspace-prince (from their album ‘The Hidden Moon’)
Translucent-it’s all valid (unreleased)
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society-point me at the sky (from the album ‘A Swamp Room Happening 2000’’)
The Aarwells-stardust in your eyes (unreleased)

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