THE VOYAGE LIMPID SOUND Electronically Enhanced Dream

a review...

Now even tho’ the weirdly named The Voyage Limpid Sound’s LP “Electronically Enhanced Dream” shows skads more reverence to such proven icons as July, Kaleidoscope (g.b.) or a post-touring Brian Wilson than say, USA’s ever expanding E6 collective ever do, the V.L.S. album is still a beautifully realized song cycle of blurred-mind-soft psychedelia. The sublime organ drifts and perfectly weighted vocals are made all the more fascinating by dint of this silver-sleeved curio being the work of (mostly) one mysterious being: Sergios, a Greco-Finn who at this very moment is doing a stint of national service. Let’s hope the brain behind the ‘Astronomy Domine’ clone ‘Lost Planet’ and the mysteries within ‘The Owl’ isn’t square-bashing for TOO long, so come back soon Sergio, y’hear?  (PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE No 31 Winter 2001/2)

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