peace frog #1

including:Yesterday’s Thoughts, Nick Bensen, Cactus Cooper, Thee Hands Of Tyme, John Frankovic, Action records etc.


 cd including

 Sky Sunlight Saxon-an introduction
Cactus Cooper-last step on the moon (unreleased)
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society-memories (from the upcoming album-rough mix)
Quarkspace-underspace (from their album “node in peril”)
Desperate Friends-puzzle(from their album “passion and the pain)
Fantasyy Factoryy-escape (from the album “paintings from inner space”- rough mix with different vocals specifically for this cd)
Thee Hands Of Tyme-I looked at you (unreleased)
In The Labyrinth-black plague (unreleased)
Yesterday’s thoughts-the wind blows your hair (unreleased)
Cactus Cooper-no measure (unreleased)
Psychedelic Avengers-the curse of the universe (from the album “…and the curse of the universe”)
Into The Abyss-alexandria (cleopatra remix)
Cosmic Gardeners-round patricia around (different remix of an old song by Twist-early C. G.)
John Frankovic-go to sleep (from the album “space zombie”)
Teddy Boys From The Crypt-mini dress (unreleased) (+ bonus)

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