IIL WIND Flashes



The classic masterpiece of the Ill Wind was released in 1968 and occupies a prominent place in the list of the top albums of the so-called Boston sound, among psychedelic albums such as those of Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union, Frond Page Review, Ford Theater, etc. In their only lp Flashes the wonderful male and female vocals, the enchanting guitars, the hypnotic rhythms dominate. The funny thing of course is that the album opens with Walkin' and singin' an almost country song!! But then we are confronted with three of the most psychedelic songs ever recorded, L.A.R.D, the hallucinatory Full Cycle and the heavenly Dark World, a dream that flows into our souls and blasts them into  mushroom visions. The cover of High Flying Bird   is incredible, as is Sleep and all the other songs. Black vinyl edition as well as 104 purple copies. Tune in!!  



ASTRAL MAGIC Alien Visitations


Astral Magic continues to deliver with unabated way space albums to their fans. Here on Alien Visitations they do it again with a more electronic sound, refusing to land on this planet. Their journey to distant galaxies has started years ago, it is magical, liberating but sometimes melancholy. The space sounds jump out from every note, from every instrument, every moment, all the time, and they are not enough just to put us in the atmosphere they create, but to make us feel all this space excitement that burns the soul of Santtu Laakso. An authentic space mind & soul!! Limited edition (50 copies) tape & digital.




FARM s/t


Farm's self-titled album was recorded in 1971 and released the same year by this Illinois band. Private edition, recorded at the then famous Golden Voice Studios. The band, clearly influenced by bands such as: Quicksilver, Canned Heat, Ten Years After, etc., wrote 5 songs of similar aesthetics and who would have imagined that 51 years later their album would be reissued!! In these 5 songs the sound is blues, boogie and psychedelic. The Jungle Song that opens the record is a beautiful slow psychedelic song with nice psychedelic guitars and Sunshine In My Window that opens the second side is also quite psychedelic too, with more rhythm, beautiful vocals and guitars. The remaining three, Let That Boy Boogie, Cottonfield Woman, Statesboro Blues, move in more blues/boogie forms. Black and splatter (in 300 numbered this) vinyl release.

The Sensational Country Blues Wonders! "The Adventures of a Psychedelic Cowboy"


Gary Van Miert is the founder of The Sensational Country Blues Wonders! He is a multi-talented artist and his activities beyond music are many. But we will focus on the musical part of it. His great love is Americana, i.e. country music and gospel. In 2020, the band's debut album entitled The World Will Break Your Heart was released. The Adventures of a Psychedelic Cowboy will be released on 2/9/2022. Here, in addition to the country/gospel origins tracks (you know, it's not one of my favorite genres of music), he also experiments slightly with psychedelic elements. As a result we have some very nice songs like There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality, a very tripping sitar song, The Psychedelic Cowboy Song which is psychedelic pop enough that it doesn't stray from the Beatles, as well as the more pop/ psych Airwaves, Life is so Freaking Beautiful and the wonderful Music of the Spheres (again with excellent use of the sitar). In conclusion, on the one hand, we are dealing with an uneven album, but on the other hand, half of the songs compensate us to the fullest.

Psychedelic pop sung by a country voice with nice and cool vibes!