PEACE FROG #2 & free cd


Laughing Soup Dish, Drug Free Youth (the new greek psychedelic-acid-punk mind), The Dolly Rocker Movement, Vibravoid, Jamie Laboz, The 1-2-5, Me Of Curse, In The Labyrinth, and Gerry Alvarez from the Gruesomes, also including reviews,etch.

http://www.gew-gaw-fanzine.gr/images/%CF%80%CF%85%CF%81%CE%B1%CF%85%CE%BB%CE%BF%CF%82%20%CE%B5%CE%BE%CF%89%CF%86%CF%85%CE%BB%CE%BB%CE%BF%20cd.jpgCD COMPILATION

intro---(the sound of) pyravlos

Drug Free Youth---veronique (unreleased)

The Dolly Rocker Movement---go go getter (from their album "Electric Sunshine")

Laughing Soup Dish---teenage lima bean (from their amazing single here in different version)

Me Of Curse---hide me mother (unreleased)

The Magnificent Brotherhood---old tattoo

Dennis Dalcin & the Lears---beyond our dreams (unreleased)

The Snails---boomer (unreleased)

Lords Of Gravity---no sunshine (from their album

Laughing Soup Dish---acid land (from their first album, here in different version)

Drug Free Youth---βουτα το χερι στο μελι (unreleased)

La Otracina---dolphy rides the comet dust (unreleased)

The Mean Things---mean machine (from their album "Out Comes the Freaks)

Me Of Curse---city song (unreleased)

The Way-Outs---nowhere fast (from their album "Psychotic Retraction)

The Petal Pushers---chasing times (unreleased)

The Wannaflies---the shink ate mine (unreleased)

La Fleur Fatale---gigantic boredom (from their album "Night Generation")

The B’ Sides---and i cry (unreleased)

The Snails---confusion (unreleased)

Laughing Soup Dish---8 shades (unreleased)

Yesterday’s Thoughts---bad situation (unreleased)

Me Of Curse---in my room (unreleased)

Drug Free Youth--- supermartha (plus bonus) (unreleased)

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