DRUG FREE YOUTH "the avocado index" (nsm030/lp & cd)

Drug Free Youth is a one-man psychedelic garage rock project by a guy named George living in Thessaloniki, Greece, and this is his second album. Then there’s of course the split single with Vibravoid. The album has 19 short tracks some of which are instrumentals. The shortest tracks are only under one-minute-long and even the longest ones are only over three minutes in length. The music has most obviously been influenced by the psychedelic forerunners from the 60’s (for example Chocolate Watchband, 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, Electric Prunes etc.) and the album’s sound achived with vintage guitars, organ, bass, drums and vocals is pretty authentic as well. There just might be some drum machine use in there as well, or listen to yourself for example the otherwise very 60’s instro styled track ”Pulsating Yellow Heart”. In addition, the use of mind-expanding effects is very frequent. A couple of tracks are sung in Greek, which gives some nice ethnic extra vibe. I think that the best pieces are often the grooviest, most danceable ones that bring to mind 60’s dance hall parties. There is also some more experimental stuff on the album like ”Thieves of Forgotten Dreams”, ”Miniature Ninjas” and ”Surveillance Alphabet”. My favorites include the wacky and psychedelic Faces from the Past” that has also been included in my Astral Visions internet radio show, the pounding “Time”, fast, melodic psych pop treat “Veronique” as well as the opener cut ”Doppegänger Love”. The album has a nice amount of fuzz and tremolo guitars and just suitably cheesy organs and this is a very recommendable package for all those who like 60’s styled psychedelic garage rock. You can download the album even for free, but it’s also out on CD and vinyl, but in very low quantities. (by Dj Astro)

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